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Recruitment Consultants - Time to change your normal day?

Permanent  for Support Services Group in Slough

Today, sometime in June 2014

Last Night

Saw an ad on a job board that made me think….. I am a successful recruitment consultant, why don’t I work for myself?

This Morning

Battled in to work – I am sure there are far more people driving on the roads than when I started my career as a recruitment consultant 2 years ago. If I worked for myself, I wouldn’t have to do this commuting.

Arrived at my desk to a whole host of emails that really have nothing to do with making a placement, but that I have to work on for my company. These include admin on KPIs, a presentation on where the next load of clients is going to come from, a request from my boss that I go on a visit with a new consultant. Really all I want to be doing is recruiting. If I worked for myself, I could just concentrate on revenue generation.The ad said that Support Services Group would do all the boring admin and invoicing side of it and I would be free of manager generated KPIs!

Team meeting at 11am. Today we are told that our advertising budget has been cut – this means that I can’t advertise for the candidates that I need to place to earn my commission. I am really fed up about this. If I worked for myself, with Support Services Group, I would be provided with access to candidates for as long as I need them.

Called in to see my boss at 12 – the ‘good’ news is that my commission has been increased to 20%, the bad news is that my threshold has been increased. Working for myself with the backing of Support Services Group would mean that my commission would be 70% or more with no thresholds and no caps. Of course, there is no salary but even so, I am a successful recruitment consultant, regularly billing £15k a month on perms and when I was working the temp market, billing £3k GP per week. Doing the sums on those numbers, this looks a really interesting proposition.


I call David Jones from Support Services Group and explain that I have seen the ad and that I have been working as a recruitment consultant within a UK agency for a couple of years. I have been thinking for some time that I would like to work for myself, not only because of the obvious financial reasons but because I want the freedom and autonomy to run a recruitment company in a way that I know would be successful. He explains to me that he runs a recruitment business incubator (a what?!) – this means that they provide investment services to start-up recruitment businesses to help them grow. Their aim is to sit down with a recruiter and draw up a list of everything they need in order to run and grow their recruitment business. I would get a company totally owned and branded by me, all the legalities taken care of, all the invoicing and back office dealt with (this is interesting to me as I would like to work the temp market along with the perm market). They support me for as long as is needed and, as it is in their interests, they help me to grow and develop my business, potentially into a saleable asset.

David said that it would probably be best if we had a proper chat (I am standing in the car park at the moment which is not the best place to talk about a life changing decision like this!) He said I could call him on 01442 200944 anytime up until 9pm.

Grab a sandwich.


My head is spinning with thoughts of running my own business and I start to get a bit carried away with thinking about company names and logos and websites (all of which Support Services Group will do for me).

I set up an interview between my client and a candidate and then close off an offer that has been on the table for a week. I try not to imagine how I would feel if 70% of that placement value was to be mine!!

The rest of the afternoon passes as normal, with some highs and some lows as is normal in recruitment. One of the particularly galling things is that, having worked with a client for months on a couple of vacancies, they then gave me another one which I know I could fill but I had to hand over to a colleague….if I was working for myself I wouldn’t have to do that.

Home at normal time and straight in to call David….

In the first instance, please contact David Jones from Support Services Group either on line or on 01442 200944,- why not check David out on LinkedIn.

This is not a job but a genuine business opportunity. There are no set up costs associated.

Job added on 02-07-2014