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Operation Director



My client is an award winning, full service visual communications agency, with 25 permanent full time staff. Bold, stylish, innovative; at the cutting edge of our industry for two decades, they produce retail and event environments to the highest standards, from artistic concepts to quality manufacture. Current turnover £2.5 – 3M.


A twenty-three year track record of working with an amazing client list, puts the company in an excellent position, to expand. Managing the London operation is paramount to growing our offer and clientele, both in the UK, and internationally.


- To be an ‘oracle of information’, who knows every job that is going through the business, at all stages, including potential enquiries.

- To manage operations, in the day-to-day running of the business – keeping track of client deadlines, internal scheduling and required resources while overall directing the 3 main departments; Design, Project Management and Production.

- Act as Head of Project Management, allocating new client accounts / projects, while staying abreast of all work in progress.

- Ensure that the best communication practices, procedures and processes are in place to deliver profitable and smooth-running projects, across all departments, using KPI’s.

- To contribute to, and coordinate, business development and growth, with the Founding Director, Brand Director, Head of Design, Head of Production and Finance Director.

Reporting into OPS:

Project Management: to provide you regular work-in-progress updates and meet with you, at least twice weekly, for catch-ups (Plus a weekly general management meeting). Ensure records of every project are filed and company processes adhered to. Monitor and review profitability of all jobs.

Design: to produce weekly time sheets of projects each designer spent time on; use this info to measure profitability and productivity. Measure the return on any pitching. Have a weekly Design meeting to review metrics and commerciality.

Production: to update you on all work-in-progress and installation schedules. Support and develop the Production Management team to maintain and improve systems, efficiency, quality and Health & Safety

Working with OPS:

Finance: to ensure that all invoices are raised by PM’s and all production costs (receipts) are approved and up-to-date. Using Synergist, analyse productivity and profit margins on all jobs with Finance Director.

Marketing: Support our Brand Director in securing new business by allocating each new enquiry to a PM, for any briefing / quoting required. Assist in agreeing an annual marketing budget and be a strong ambassador of our brand.

Office Manager: to ensure that day-to-day HR records are kept (holiday, sickness), I.T. and equipment are maintained, supplies ordered and assisting with deliveries, logistics and diary management of the Directors.


- The 5 departments and their teams need to all feel part of the same organisation and communicate better with each other.

- Create positive and motivating relations between departments and managers, ensuring that simple and effective procedures are in place, which each department agrees to maintain. Ensure that process and procedures are adhered to and investigate if not.

- Coordinate the monthly general all-staff meeting, ensuring each department prepares a short catch up

- Intervene in any misunderstandings, miscommunication or grievances within the team as well as the outside world. Act as a ‘diplomat’ for the company.

- Communicate with clients where needed and negotiating with clients / contractors / suppliers, where required.

- The mission statement and values of the company needs to be shared and bought into, across the entire team.


Financial: The goal is to increase and protect our profit margin. Ensure that we are reasonably competitive to our clients while ensuring suppliers offer us best value.

- Project budgets must be accurate, adhered to, and measured. Synergist (software) must be used to closely monitor metrics.

Legal: (Using our company law firm)

- Respond quickly to checking our exposure when we regularly need to sign contracts with clients regarding projects. We need to protect the company from unfair terms / subtle clauses about timing, extra costs, design usage, penalties, etc.

- Review the company’s existing standard terms & conditions and improve, as well as ensure that new clients are always provided with these.

- Ensure that Health & Safety is adhered to across the business.

- Identify and implement Green practices, as much as feasible, within our industry.


- Join monthly Finance Meeting to review current figures, monitoring the company’s financial performance, on a monthly and annual basis.

- Double-check all project budgets, mark-ups, quotations, invoices and accounts, regularly.

- Look at market values and deliver fair collateral while always aiming for premium clients, quality production and profitable projects.

- Contribute, working closely with the Directors, to create an annual budget, looking at overheads, monthly target turnover and predicted profit. Measure actuals against budget, update and provide reports.


- Regularly identify strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

- Analyse how jobs are processed through the business and how this could be improved.

- Identify, notify and closely measure KPI’s across the company and share with the Board / Founding Director regularly.

- Analyse the structure and roles in the business and identify what should change. Recommend and implement necessary changes, with the Founding Director’s approval.

- Contribute ideas to the marketing of the company, potential new client contacts and to best-practice client relations.

- Stay aware of our competition.

Job added on 25-11-2014