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Programme Management consultant - £500 Per day

Contract  for Action First Recruitment in Slough

If you are interested please contact Nik on 02076255222

1. Background regarding the aims and objectives of the Service

The Council has procured a new ERP solution to include finance, procurement, payroll and HR to deliver a more joined up and efficient system. We will be working closely with our transactional services partner to implement this solution and we require an overall programme manager to ensure that the new solution is delivered on time, to budget and to deliver the key objectives included in our business case.

The key aims of the project are detailed below.

The Transformation solution should embody a vision of a 'one customer’ approach to provide excellence in the customer experience. Access to services should be sign-posted and straight forward whether through the Internet, phone or in person with a range of payment and billing methods including BACS payments, a chip and pin facility, credit or debit card payments or direct debits as standard across the Council. This in turn will create additional income and encourage repeat business. This modernisation needs to extend to staff being able to access the information they need through fit for purpose technology solutions.

The Council requires finance, procurement and HR & payroll systems which deliver accurate, timely and reliable information for the whole council.

To achieve this end, for each process there needs to be one source of data collection to capture information and categorise customers, suppliers, or employees to enable efficient and meaningful reporting or query resolution. This should occur at the point of contact when possible, with staff and managers able to access relevant financial and performance information relating to their service areas, subject to need and appropriate protocols

Finance and Procurement require a system which will allow streamlining and flexibility in the structure of its chart of accountsso that it reflects the budget challenges and reorganisation of functions within the Council in future years. It needs to be able to carry out every day finance functions, reconciliations, budget management and monitoring, and be able to cope with year end processes, with automation wherever possible. This would also lead to much more effective financial reporting and spend analysisReporting and budget monitoring at Budget Manager levelwould ensure accountability but would need to be supported by an accurate cost base, efficiently maintained. Automated and self service reporting, with drill down functionality would allow budget managers direct access to their budgetary information. This in turn would free up time for finance and procurement to take a more proactive approach to supporting the business with budget planning, scenario testing, forecasting and greater use of profiling the budgets to support budget reporting. This, along with commitment accounting, would provide a more meaningful overall position of income and expenditure, and aid forward planning.Electronic interfacesto or encapsulating existing systems in the chosen solution would be essential to ensure the integrity of the data and a consistent approach through one corporate system for finance and procurement wherever possible. This would mean extending the range of procurement to a more comprehensive range of goods and services and clarifying processes and procedures so that officers are clearer on the optimal way to purchase or pay for goods and services.Workflow and automationof manual and paper heavy functions would mean that approvals, information and financial flows are streamlined and timescales reduced. Scanning and document management (which is being completed as part of the DIP project) would enable the swift access of data to enable efficient use of the data for analysis, reporting and monitoring.Clear strategy, policies and procedures enforced with strong governancewould bringownership, accountability, consistency and tangible consequences. This needs to be underpinned by a rolling programme of training and communication to reinforce the changes in technical skills, processes, procedures and culture required to effect a successful transformation.Payroll & HRneed to be fully integrated with other systems, with direct input and access by users, according to need and subject to appropriate protocols.

2. The critical success factors for this project

A finance & procurement system implemented by October 2015An HR & Payroll system implemented by April 2016To have a supported ERP solution in placeTo have an integrated / interfaced ERP solutionTo mitigate future costs of expensive ERP solution upgradesTo deliver on-going revenue savings for the Council of at least 10% of existing support costsTo develop new ways of working and management efficiency for the CouncilTo deliver the ERP solution within the capital cost envelopeInclude commitments reporting into financial reportsTo encourage a culture of continuous improvementStaff to have frequent access to the finance system through a web enabled 'desktop’ solution

If you are interested please contact Nik on 02076255222

Job added on 18-11-2014