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Senior Independent Recruitment Consultants - High Commission

Senior Independent Recruitment Consultants - High CommissionWe AreSSG has been in business for 11 years now and has launched over 150 new Recruitment Businesses for Recruiters keen to 'work for themselves, but not by themselves.Our model does not require anything from you other than commitment & ambition.So, SSG will launch your company for free & then provide on-going support for your new business in exchange for a descending percentage of the billing of the Company (which is never more than 30%).No fixed costs, no 'up-front' fees, no weird (& not so wonderful) loan agreements - just an honest, transparent & exceptional service to motivated Recruiters.THE LAUNCH:1. Legal & Compliance - everything from creating your company, the name, the brand to dealing with HMRC to Bank Accounts, T&C's, Insurances, Contracts, etc2. The Creative & Technical - Logos, Business Cards, Stationery, Bespoke Company Web Site, Email, Hosting etc3. Facilities Provision - Job Boards (lots of them!,), Recruitment Software, Vacancy Spider, Training, On Line Testing .4. Accounting Procedures - all of the boring but very necessary bits to do with Tax, Finance, Payroll and the like!ON-GOING SUPPORT:1. Recruitment Mentoring- anything you need to do your job from a team who have been lucky enough to be 11 years ahead of you now!2. Back Office - everything 'accounting' including invoicing, credit control, banking, finance, payroll, tax - the lot!:3. Business - want to know how to grow your company, take people on, move offices, diversify, open branches or just a modest aim to make millions from a Recruitment Business? We can show you how (we have).You Are:You are an experienced Recruiter working in an agency with a burning desire to 'go your own way' - to do your own thing in the way that you want to do it. Maybe you have just reached that point where something has to change. Perhaps you are fed up with earning too much for someone else or need more control over your life. Maybe you are carrying other people in your current company or maybe you are being held back.Whatever your motivation, we understand where you are coming from - the guys at the top of the company have many years of recruitment and recruitment business experience behind them, we really do know what it is like to work for a recruitment company, set up on your own and sell a business.So, if you want to ''Work For Yourself, But Not By Yourself'' but need the finance, support and experience of a Company who have already launched over 150 Recruitment Businesses since 2003, then please contact us:1. Visit us online - we are Support Services Group - Recruitment Business Incubation based in Berkhamsted, Herts2. Chat to family & friends (get a reality check!)3. Pick up the 'phone and have a chat with David Jones or Clare Armstrong or check out their profiles on LinkedIn - O1442 200944Simple as that!

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