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Servo Design Engineer

Contract  for Modis in Hertfordshire

Servo Design Engineer required to responsible for the design and delivery of sub-systems. The products can range from the simple to the highly complex and include the following:Fin actuation systems.Gimbals systems.Reaction control systems - thrust vector control (TVC) systems, spoilers, thrusters, Divert Attitude and Control Systems (DACS).Control surface deployment mechanisms.Hatch mechanisms.Launcher platforms.Pump controllers.Swivelling nozzle systems.Control valves.The role of the servo designer is broad but certainly encompasses initial system design, hardware specification, control theory, simulation and validation. The main emphasis of the role will be on development of the overall system performance model and also the generation of control algorithms for software coding.The successful candidate will be take responsibility for modelling the servo control loops in Simulink (Matlab), support the software coding activities and conduct model validation testing on the hardware. This role therefore suits an individual who is interested in the theoretical aspects of the job as well as being keen to understand the real world effects with knowledge gained through hardware experimentation.The successful candidate will have the below skills:Industrial experience with technical responsibility for the development of discrete feedback controllers.Experience in systems modelling including mechanical, electro-mechanical & electrical systems.Matlab/Simulink experience.Good understanding of motor design principles.Working knowledge of digital signal controller micro-processors.A solid academic and practical understanding of classical and modern control theory.Inherent drive to gain and spread knowledge throughout the team to improve it medium/long term capability.Ability to communicate and influence at all levels of the hierarchy through presentations, verbally and via written reports.Strong personal abilities with a focus on and desire to achieve the delivery of tasks to schedule.Candidates must be willing to undergo a security vetting procedure.

Job added on 12-11-2014