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Nursery Nurse - level 2 / 3

Please only apply if you have skills and 2+ Years of professional experience working in a Nursery with no employment gaps!

Nursery Nurse Job Description and Person Specification

Main job purpose:

'To care for and develop children in your care, ensuring high quality experiences'.

Responsibilities include

·To care and stimulate through purposeful play and interactions the children in your care, building excellent relationships with them and promoting their development.

·To provide a safe, happy, stimulating environment for all children.

·To ensure the smooth running of the daily practices, ensuring you adhere to all expected practices and that all policies are followed, including ensuring paperwork is completed to a good standard.

·To contribute to good planning and assessment of all children in the room, especially your key children.

·To ensure all children receive quality care and their development is suitably promoted, including ensuring quality one to one time each day with your key children.

·To have an understanding and demonstrate practically knowledge of the Childcare Standards and the Framework for Early Years Foundation Stage.

·To ensure confidentiality is maintained.

·To act as a Named Coordinator relevant to skills or training as designated by the Nursery Manager.

·Supporting the Room Leader, and assisting with the planning of activities in a designated area of the nursery.

·To attend and participate in staff meetings, sharing best practice and training advice when requested.

·To develop good working relationships with all parents, particularly those of your key children.

·To report any Safeguarding issues, immediately to the Room Leader or Senior member of staff. This includes, sharing concerns about other staff members.

·To ensure that only designated staff administer medication as recorded in the risk assessments and as displayed in the Policies and Procedures file.

·To ensure records are kept of and to monitor all accidents, incidents and risk assessment records.

·To promote equal opportunities for all children and staff, with regard to their religious persuasion, racial origins, gender, disabilities, cultural or linguistic background; in particular, challenging situations where racism or discrimination if displayed. Report all incidents to the manager.

·To participating in parents' evenings, events, publicity, open weekends and children's outings and ensuring effective marketing.

·Preparation, care, cleanliness and maintenance of the playrooms and equipment, including laundry duties.

·Supervision of meals and mealtimes and where appropriate preparation of baby’s bottles.

·To undertake any other duties appropriate to the post as directed by the Nursery Manager, Deputy Nursery Manager or Room Leader.

Responsible to : The Room Leader.

Essential Qualifications

To have a Level 2 or above Childcare Qualification

Current First Aid Certificate (for young children/ adults)


To have experience of caring for babies/ young children ensuring good, appropriate behaviour and offering high quality provision, care and delivering high standards of learning and development.

To have experience of working within a team.

To have experience of developing good working parental relationships.

To have experience of implementing core policies, such as Safeguarding, Equality and Health and Safety.

To have experience of observing children and planning for their needs.

To have experience of developing babies and young children, intellectually, socially, physically and emotionally.

Skills and Knowledge

To know how babies and young children develop and be able to care for them.

To know development steps in child development and be able to engage and stimulate babies and young children in play.

To know, understand and implement the Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage.

To have sufficient understanding and use of English to ensure the well- being of the children and be able to keep records in English, liaise with agencies, summon emergency help and understand a range of written instructions on medicines, food hygiene or in respect to safety

To know and be able to keep children safe and healthy.

To know and understand principles of equality and how to implement these in your daily practice.

To know how to teach and encourage positive, good behaviour and deal with any issues sensitively and inappropriately.

To know and understand general parental concerns and be able to form good relationships with parents to ensure the best outcomes for the child.

To be able to implement and model best practice at all times with key policies and practices.

To know how to observe children and plan next steps in their learning.

To be creative in planning a range of suitable, fun, stimulating activities for children.

Job added on 02-09-2014